A frame gives context to a painting. It can complement or play against. It can be an outline or a bold statement itself.

If your interior — the design, the carpet, decor, furniture, everything — is your painting, the moulding is the frame. And unlike most companies, Woodcraft actually crafts mouldings that are designed for your space, rather than just manufacturing already-designed moulding profiles that may not work with your space.

With three generations of woodcrafting experience in design and installation, we know we can turn your interior into a work of art.

Wood Types

If you’re not sure what kind of moulding will work in your space, we’d love to chat with you about your options. Our knowledge of wood extends beyond what we carry in our shop, and we may know a great option you wouldn’t normally be able to find.


Need help choosing the perfect moulding for your home? The majority of our moulding designs are created from scratch, rather than using predetermined designs. This gives you mouldings that work perfectly with your home. We also offer:

  • Casing and base patterns
  • Crown moulding patterns
  • Bar Rails
  • Panel moulding patterns and base caps
  • Tongue and groove patterns