WoodCraft Doors & Mouldings Ltd. is the result of French training, schooling from all across Europe, traditions set by three generations of Tunisian wood carvers, and projects carried out by expert woodcrafters and installers. We make doors for clients across North America, and all our products are manufactured in our facility in Edmonton, Alberta.

Our expertise, coupled with an intimate knowledge of how climate affects wood, culminates in solid wood doors that will age like wine, holding their shape while maturing into beautiful tones in the process. Our skill extends to cabinetry and mouldings, all of which are expertly designed, crafted, and installed.

Our Process

Our quality is maintained through four factors of our building process:

  1. The Design — Not all wood carvers are able to design for different uses. Our team has the breadth of experience to know what designs will work in Alberta. No embellishments are added without knowing they won’t warp or break.
  2. The Wood — WoodCraft’s products are made from a selection of exotic woods, all of which have grown in regions similar to Alberta, such as low humidity climates in Africa. This keeps our doors, mouldings, and cabinetry from having to adjust to a new level of humidity, which prevents them from warping or cracking.
  3. The Sealing Process — A succession of proprietary techniques seal the door from the elements, ensuring the door will last for decades.
  4. The Lacquer — Finally, three layers of water-based lacquer are applied to the door’s exterior, protecting the door from any further temperature and moisture fluctuations.